Greener Package award: secondary/large-format packaging

TimeSaver 72


The TimeSaver72 is a solution developed to offer clients the ability to select the design & service features to create the smallest, lightest, and most cost efficient approach to match the shipping lane needs of the pharmaceutical industry. The TimeSaver72 consists of the following basic components; an outer box, insulating material, and refrigerants. Each component has a set of options offering the ability for client's to specify their requirements based on environmental conditions, cost value and their company's preference on green initiatives while also keep the requirements of the specific application. Clients can select a standard paper box or plastic outer-corrugated for re-use applications. The EPS insulating material can be specified using a recycled pharmaceutical grade material ranging from 0% to 20% regrind content with no degradation of performance. Engineered Phase 5 phase change material is used as the core refrigerant to reduce the overall size and weight of the package and increase the range of performance time. The conditioning methods reduce energy requirements because the PCM doesn't need to be pre-conditioned in a refrigerator or freezer, therefore, reducing the energy requirements to prepare the package. This component selection metho

Motivation for Change

Pharmaceutical transportation packaging, used for products that require specific temperature control, is a rapidly growing industry. The strict requirements of 2-8 C refrigerated shipments can make the packaging large, bulky and heavy, particularly when required for long time durations. Methods to reduce size and weight have led to a significant increase in packaging costs.

Cost Effectiveness

When measured by payload size, the use of Phase 5(TM) allows the product to last longer at 2-8C , allows for more economical and fuel efficient transport methods to be considered. The reduced size and weight, at a reduced total cost (price of packaging + transportation price) provides for several payback alternatives for our customers. The comparison below is used to illustrate this: Conventional Shipper (with EPS and water based gel packs only) Payload Size : 125 cu. in. Pkg. Cost: $17 Weight: 30 lbs Allowable Shipment Duration: up to 36 hours Shipment Cost : $125 (ups next day) Total Cost: $142 (pkg cost + shipping cost) Delivered Cost by payload : $1.14 per cubic in of payload Weight by payload size capacity: .24 lbs per cubic in. of payload TimeSaver72 Shipper (using Phase5(TM) phase change refrigerant Payload capacity: 500 cu. in. Pkg cost: $99 Weight: 28 lbs Shipment duration range: up to 72 hours Shipping cost: $64 (ups 3 day) Total cost: $163 (pkg cost + shipping cost) Delivered Cost by payload: $0.33 per cubic inch Weight by payload size capacity: .056 lbs per cubic in. of payload

Effective Recovery

All of the materials used in the packaging can be re-used (provided there is no physical damage to the packaging). The main component of the package, the Phase 5(TM) phase change material is contained in a HDPE bottle designed to promote physical durability for continued re-use. All materials used in the TimeSaver72 are technically recyclable. Specifically this includes eps insulation, paper and plastic corrugated, HDPE plastic, and Phase5 and water based gel.

Resource & Energy Optimization

Savings in weight - With the TimeSaver72, fewer boxes are required to ship the same amount of customer product. Using the same comparative table of the conventional shipper to the TimeSaver72, 4 conventional boxes (ea. with a payload capacity of 125 cu. inches) weighing a total of 120lbs (4 boxes x 30 lbs. each) would be equal to 1 TimeSaver72 (payload capacity of 500 cu. inches) weighing 30 lbs.

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