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Boehmer's Box Sustainable Branded Package for Janes Family Foods


Boehmer Box LP, a leading Canadian folding carton manufacturer, worked with Janes Family Foods Ltd to re-launch its new branded packaging. For the packaging substrate, Boehmer Box used GreenChoice 100, Strathcona Paper’s 100% recycled clay coated boxboard. In addition to having Eco Choice certification, Strathcona Paper’s GreenChoice 100 is made from 100% recycled fibres, is 100% recyclable and 100% of the energy used in its manufacture is offset with clean renewable energy.

Motivation for Change

Janes Family Foods was looking to freshen, rejuvenate and create a higher level of environmental sustainability for their brand image. The objective was to highlight their traditional family core values. One of the core values identified was the environment. Boehmer Box worked with Janes on the integrated development and product design for the environmental sustainability of their packaging.

Cost Effectiveness

The folding carton substrate is a carbon neutral 100% recycled paperboard. GreenChoice 100 is competitively priced compared to other recycled paperboard substrates. Together with less ink and chemical usage, plus the savings from having fewer make-readies, less energy consumption, less man-hours and less paperboard, means that cost savings can be realized.


GreenChoice 100 paperboard has a 3:1 MD:CD ratio (one of the highest in the industry).This superior stiffness gives Janes the ability to reduce caliper and therefore “right size” their packaging. Agreement by the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) and CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency) for direct food contact of the recycled paperboard substrate also reduce the need for double packaging.


Strathcona Paper’s GreenChoice 100 is manufactured from 100% post-use recycled waste paper fibres. Approximately 65% of this post-use waste is post-consumer material and 35% is industrial scrap. The top-liner consists of pulp substitute fibres such as computer printout and sorted office waste paper with a recycled filler comprised of double lined kraft, old corrugated containers, boxboard and old newspapers.

Clean Production

Strathcona’s ISO 14001 certification, ISO annual audits and Environmental Management System, coupled with Boehmer Box’s environmental policy ensure Boehmer Box production processes are continually being evaluated and improved from an environmental performance perspective. Water used in the paperboard manufacturing process is cleaned and returned to the natural water source in a 100% closed loop recycling process. 85% of the water used in the paperboard manufacturing process is recycled, and the balance is emitted in the form of steam.

Effective Recovery

All cleaning materials and other waste incurred in the converting process are sent for recycling. The packaging substrate is 100% recycled, recyclable and carbon neutral and is made from 100% recycled waste paper fibre acquired from compatible recovery infrastructures throughout North America using a closed loop system. In addition, as part of the closed loop system, the waste clippings produced in the folding carton manufacturing process are returned to the Strathcona Paper mill as a fibre source. The paper sludge biosolids generated in the manufacture of all of Strathcona Paper’s products including GreenChoice 100 are composted and spread on farmers’ fields as a soil conditioning agent improving water retention in the soil and reducing the amount of commercial fertilizer that the farmer would otherwise have to use.

Community Benefit

The Eco-Logo certifies and informs consumers that any product bearing this logo meets or exceeds a complete environmental lifecycle audit analysis, from energy and material consumed in production through to pollutants generated by their production, use and disposal. In using these eco-certified logos, Janes have the opportunity to educate and demonstrate their level of eco responsibility and sustainability at shelf directly to the consumer.

Material Health

Less VOCs are emitted through the use of FM6 printing technology. The packaging substrate, GreenChoice 100, is in compliance for direct food contact under the regulatory frameworks of the US Federal Food and Drug Administration Act (FDA), the California EPA Proposition 65 and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

Resource & Energy Optimization

All the electricity consumed in the production of GreenChoice 100 is offset through the purchase of renewable energy credits. Strathcona’s mill has also reduced the energy consumed per ton of paperboard produced by 15% over the period 2003 to 2007, and carbon dioxide emissions by 14% from 2004 to 2007.

All carbon emissions produced in the manufacture of GreenChoice 100 are offset with the purchase of carbon credits.

GreenChoice 100’s proprietary fibre recipes run at one of the lowest conversion rates of fibre to finished paperboard in the industry reducing the amount of waste that would otherwise need to be diverted to landfill.

Lastly, the shape of the packaging maximizes cube utilization for transportation and there are absolutely no performance trade-offs as a result of implementing more sustainable materials and processes.

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