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Eco Tray for CD & DVD


Offered in an unlimited range of colours, the eco tray gives a new look and feel to the packaging, while promoting environmental sustainability. They use potato starch or tapioca starch, and they are 100% biodegradable and recyclable. In terms of carbon emissions the eco tray reduces the carbon footprint of the finished product by 85-90%, compared to conventional plastic packaging.

Motivation for Change

These projects involved a marriage between both the ideas of the client and the sales representative to achieve a final product.
The client wanted to integrate environmental responsibility into their music and DVD packaging. In keeping with this “green” movement it was the sales representatives who suggested that the entire package be composed of eco friendly content. By combining their efforts and ideas an impressive piece was created that not only worked with the clients requests but also upheld Grafikom’s pledge to environmental sustainability.


There is no draw back to switching to the foam material as it carries out the same functions as the plastic. Though same in size as plastic trays, there is a reduction in weight allowing for savings in shipping costs. The foam trays also hold a long product lifetime.


The Eco Tray is a packaging product which consists of 100% natural resource--Potato starch or Tapioca starch.

Clean Production

n December 2004 grafikom. was certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. This certification is the world’s highest endorsement for environmentally and socially responsible forestry practices.

In addition we are a Sony Music certified green partner, and follow closely to the municipal and provincial guidelines that regulate the printing industry.

Production within the plant is carried out as environmentally focused as possible. All waste involved in the production of this product is recyclable.
Our facility employees are in no way exposed to dangerous substances.

Effective Recovery

The foam trays are made from cellulose and are 100% biodegradable and recyclable. This alternative to the plastic tray is composed of either potato starch or Tapioca starch.

Community Benefit

Numerous films are being created to educate the public about the state of our world and what needs to be done in order to save it for future generations. Placing that DVD in the Eco tray is another step in the right direction. After viewing the final product the clients were very interested in doing more work with the environmentally friendly methods. The project has also influence other media companies who are eager to become “green” and looking to alternative materials for their products.

Resource & Energy Optimization

In terms of carbon emissions the Eco tray reduces the carbon foot print of the finished product with an 85-90% compared to conventional plastic packaging.

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