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Biogo or ‘bio-polymer green option’ offers a product line of containers that cover a wide variety of food applications, and is offered as a natural solution to conventional petroleum based containers. Biogo is made from Ingeo natural plastic called plapolylactic acid, which is made from a 100% annually renewable resource – plants -- instead of oil. Because it has an 8% density advantage over PET, less material by weight is needed to produce the same product, and 55% less temperature is required for production compared to traditional oil-based plastic, translating to a reduction in energy needed in the thermoforming process.

Motivation for Change

Consumers are increasingly worried about environmental impact of their daily activities and would like to reduce their environmental footprint. Demand for green packaging like BIOGO’s is growing rapidly, our partners who have adopted it to pack fresh food gain a competitive edge by clearly stating that they are contributing to the wise use of our environment.

Cost Effectiveness

BIOGO item enjoys an 8% density advantage over PET, so less material by weight is needed to produce the same product.


Produce packed in Biogo, instead of Styrofoam containers, shows a better freshness and clarity. Store employees, said that Biogo products are more convenient to manipulate than Styrofoam containers. Per example, overwrap film does have a better stick on BIOGO, resulting in a waste film reduction.


BIOGO products are made from a biopolymer which is made from 100% annually renewable resource. Every BIOGO transportation container is made from 100% recycled and recyclable cardboard fibre.

Clean Production

The carton glue is made from cornstarch and the printing uses natural and water-based pigments.

Effective Recovery

Biogo products are made with 100% Ingeo natural plastic and will compost in municipal/industrial facilities according to ISO, ASTM, and EN regulations. The number of these facilities are limited today, however, and NatureWorks LLC is working closely with the composting industry to share key learnings to assist in the successful introduction of biopolymers into their current processes. The end-of-life vision for BIOGO product in the long term is to maintain a journey to zero waste – keeping the product out of the landfill and being able to recycle into the same use or higher value use if possible. The ideal for Biogo will be to use a biopolymer from chemical hydrolysis back into lactic acid for processing into essentially new biopolymer.

Community Benefit

Although industrially compostable, BIOGO natural plastics product is not a solution to littering.

Material Health

BIOGO natural plastic products does not contain persistent, bio-accumulative and toxic chemicals. It does not contain genetically modified material, and burns cleanly. If land-filled, PLA is inert – it contains no harmful toxins that can leach into the soil.

Resource & Energy Optimization

Tilton’s plant is 100% powered by electricity. Our entire water cooling system has been designed to reuse the same water through a chilling tower instead of getting fresh water from municipality infrastructure. BIOGO case packed has been designed to optimize cube space in trucks and in retailer warehouses.

With the purchase of wind power-based Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) starting in 2006, NatureWorks® polymer further significantly reduced the already low emissions of greenhouse gases. Production of BIOGO parts required up to 55% less temperature for production than traditional oil-based plastic, translating to a reduction of the energy needed in the thermoforming process.

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