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SustainaPAK is a business to business approach (with customers and with suppliers) to help reduce material and energy consumption, increase recycled content, encourage and foster recycling and composting which in turn minimizes their collective impact on the environment.

Clean Production

Jones Packaging is ISO 14001 registered and has been since June 2004.

Resource & Energy Optimization

Jones Packaging has completed a SustainaPAK exercise with its key supplier for ink Flint Ink. To date we have implemented the accounts payable portion of the exercise with the following results:

BEFORE: 2000 invoices submitted annually

100 invoices submitted annually
Decreased usage of paper by 20 pounds
Decreased couriers and saved 4,900 litres of fuel

To calculate the environmental savings the benefit is 2 trees saved and 4 cars off the road annually.

The other items still under investigation from the SustainaPAK exercise outlined that the following environmental benefits could be found in the Logistics, Manufacturing processes:

Decrease of 1,200 kg of air emissions
15,400 trees saved
1,000 people water days conserved (average person uses 125 litres of water)
49,000 cars off the road
53,000 pounds of waste diverted from landfill
114,000 litres of hazardous waste diverted

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