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Cascades Enviro 100% recycled


The community benefits from their new packaging because it's recyclable and has reduced the amount of landfill waste generated. Also the efforts made to diminish their ecological footprint by reducing their water consumption, CO2 emissions and energy consumption, are all valuable to future generations. If every Canadian household were to use one roll of recycled bathroom tissue instead of one roll made from virgin fibres, sixty-one thousand trees could be saved, according to the Canadian population of the last census.

Motivation for Change

No major changes have been made in the process. However, continuous improvements are made to progress and reduced our ecological footprint. This is the Cascades mindset and principal part of our DNA since 1964.


With our new format, the double rolls, a lot of improvement have been done to maximize cube utilization and to enhance the overall efficiency of our products. As mentioned earlier, the DRP system helps us to make best use of the available space.

Bathroom tissue
12 double rolls (176 sheets) VS 24 regular rolls (352 sheets)
(based on 100 000 packages)

Packaging & space saving: 50% fewer cores, 20 % less polywrap, 12% less linear shelf space

Shipping and handling: 39% less warehouse space, 11 less trucks on the road, 11kg reduction of CO2 emissions per KM

Paper Towel
JUMBO roll (70 sheets) vs REGULAR (45 sheets)
(based 100 000 packages)

Packaging & space saving: 55% fewer cores, 10 % less polywrap

Shipping and handling: 55% less warehouse space, 11 less trucks on the road, 11 kg less CO2 emissions per KM

Clean Production

Our Quebec mills are certified ISO 9000 and the ISO 14000 has been given to our Kingsey Falls mill in 2004. We minimize water consumption by reusing water as much as 40 times in the process and by having tools such a flow meters to control and track our daily consumption. Also, when possible, the water is shared between the different machines to minimize the water consumption. Since 2003, the tissue group reduced is water consumption of 12%.

Effective Recovery

The Kingsey Falls mill has promoted beneficial use of de-inking sludge since 1995. A research partnership with the University of Sherbrooke to evaluate the use of de-inking sludge has been in existence for more than 10 years. Since 1998, 100% of the de-inking sludge is put to beneficial use such as: protective cover, landfill capping, mining reclamation, top soil cover, combustion, agriculture and filling material in cardboard.

Community Benefit

Cascades Tissue Group launches, an environment friendly microsite, which aims to convince people that the smallest gestures can have the most profound repercussions. Visitors can hear different artists express the importance of a simple green action and are challenged to change their environMENTALITY®. This is part of our corporate responsibility. As well, each package communicates the environmental facts to the consumers.

Resource & Energy Optimization

Our deinking process allows us to use recycled fibers to manufacture our tissue products and maximize the use of energy with different optimization programs and flow meters that can track accurately our steam and natural gas consumption. Every of the tissue plants have to follow strict energy guidelines on a daily basis. One of the most recent and innovative energy project is the implementation of the EMIS (Energy Management Information System) that provides real time consumption data and contributes to energy saving by pointing out over consumption cases. In 2007, the Tissue Group reduced its energy cost by more than 4%.

Moreover, regarding transportation, Cascades knows that energy conservation begins with the reduction of fuel consumption. So, recent improvements such as the vortex generators and side aprons to increase aerodynamic performance as well as auxiliary heating and cooling systems for the truck cabs, when the truck is stationary, have been made to reduce its diesel consumption and greenhouse-gas emissions. Moreover, Cascades is a partner of the Smartway program, implemented by the American Environmental Protection Agency, whose objective is to help carriers to reduce fuel consumption. The Company also participated in the Acquis Route Program, which demonstrates the importance of new technology to improve the energy performance of its vehicles and thus reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In cooperation with the governments of Québec and Canada, Cascades took part in the 2007 Energotest, by providing trucks and drivers for the track tests of new eco-energetic technologies. The objective was to evaluate the relevance of certain technologies related to the reduction in fuel consumption and pollution waste. These commitments attest to the Company’s determination to maintain its leadership status in the transportation industry regarding environmental protection and to reduce its carbon footprint.

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