Greener Package Award

Patch Perfect


The Patch Perfect package improvements bring significant advantages not only to Foster Turf in their sustainability efforts, but also to the consumer by providing an improved method to dispense the product while reducing personal exposure to chemicals. Patch Perfect replaced a rigid HDPE container that includes a rigid dispensing lid and three printed paper labels (five parts), with a flexible stand up pouch, reducing the actual packaging components to inventory from five SKUs to one. The primary benefit is in package weight reduction.

Judge's Comments
Overall, high marks for source reduction and finding clever way to meet consumer use requirements.


The primary difficulty was incorporating a dispensing technology and reclosability so that consumers do not have to come into contact with the product. This utilizes a proprietary technology where a separate gussett is included in the pouch with perforations sized to dispense product only when the bag is shaken. This puts the consumer in control of dispensing. So the design overcame traditional scooping from a package by incorporating the perforated gussett on the inside of the pouch.

The consumer no longer comes into contact with the product via scooping or dispensing by hand. In many cases, for insecticides, dry chemicals, and other dry products, it is safer and more desirable for consumers to use a product without direct contact with it.

Resource & Energy Optimization

Since the majority of the sales of this product are shipped individually or in small quantities the weight is critical. The current rigid packaging is more than 1.7 times the weight of the product being packaged. The new pouch is only 3% of the weight of the product. So rather than shipping more packaging than product, the new package design results in shipping primarily the product and the packaging has been minimized to the extreme.

Shipping and storage of the empty packaging has been similarly reduced. The volume of the empty container was 3176 cm3/package, the new pouch is 192. This requires 94% less space for shipping and storage. A tremendous reduction in cost, storage area, and distribution.

All contributes to lower GHG and energy. Reducing the number of packaging SKUs to manage from 5 to 1 saves operational time and effort for the manufacturer. The significant difference in volume and weight reduces the energy required for distribution and storage by the change from shipping and storing a bulky container and air, to a flat pouch.

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