DuPont Gold Winner - Excellence in Innovation, Cost/Waste Reduction and Sustainability, and Greener Package Award

Sun Chips Multigrain Snack Chips


The outer printed web of the package (approximately 1/3 of the package) is composed of a renewably sourced film manufactured by SKC Films from Ingeo (TM) PLA (polylactic acid) resin from NatureWorks LLC. This represents an approximately 1/3 reduction in non-sustainable, fossil fuel based resins for the package.

This is a major product line and will result in millions of pounds of packaging film removed from petrochemical dependence this year alone in this first step of the development. Furthermore, PLA material is compostable under ASTM D6400 conditions providing a cradle to grave solution. This will be enabled in the final phase of development that will introduce a 100% compostable package.

Judge's Comments
Fantastic example of an influential corporation setting the bar for CPGs and suppliers to follow. This will help to serve as a game changer within the flexible films industry.


Renewable materials make up 33% of the current package.

The current process for Ingeo resin uses about 1/2 the fossil fuel of the polypropylene film it replaces.

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