DuPont Diamond Winner - Excellence in Innovation, Cost/Waste Reduction and Sustainability, and Greener Package Award

GREENBOX Thermal Management System


GREENBOX is the first temperature-controlled shipper to be "powered" by a 100 percent bio-based, non-toxic and fully biodegradable phase change material called PureTempTM. Because of this, coupled by the facts that GREENBOX is designed to be re-used 50+ times, and is comprised of only recyclable and/or biodegradable materials.

GREENBOX maintains a payload's temperature for more than five days, giving customers assurance their product will arrive at its destination at the perfect temperature. It also addresses the costly issue of product spoilage - a problem that costs the life science industry alone more than $3 billion per year in lost product. Because it can be shipped ground (versus overnight express) and is reusable, it helps customers save more than 65 percent on shipping and distribution costs.

Unlike traditional shippers, typically comprised of cardboard, EPS and gel packs, no part of a GREENBOX should ever end up in a landfill. The outer shell and plastic encasing for PureTemp are both recyclable, the PureTemp itself is biodegradable (and completely safe for humans and the environment) and the Thermal-LokTM panels are designed to be ground down and made into new panels when they reach the end of their useful life. Studies show that PureTemp can be used more than 20,000 times with no thermal degradation. GREENBOX saves customers money, but perhaps more importantly saves the environment from excess packaging waste.

Judge's Comments
The fact that the Greenbox is meant for continual reuse as well as a reclamation system is highly commendable. The branding, color mode and graphics are ownable images of an innovative manufacturer.


The products GREENBOX is designed to ship are temperature-sensitive and used or stored upon arrival. It keeps its payloads - typically pharmaceuticals, biologics and blood - within FDA-mandated temperature ranges for more than 120 hours, or five days.


Since GREENBOX was an entirely new package concept, there was not a source reduction initiative versus an existing Entropy package, but rather a source reduction strategy for the entire industry. Entropy knew that approximately 1,100 square miles of EPS (Styrofoam) was finding its way to landfills from current products in use in the life science industry. The size of current packages offered to the life science industry and available payload space was also a target for reduction. The technology that GREENBOX employs allows for smaller overall packages that can ship larger quantities of life science product.

- Package system that can be reused 100 times - Payload efficiencies of 35+% vs. the industry standard of 11% - Reduced freight costs to customers due to smaller and lighter package sizes - Reduced carbon output

Effective Recovery

GREENBOX is constructed very differently than a typical insulated package, with a hard, corrugated plastic outer shell, layers of Thermal-LokTM insulation (which provides 10 times the protection as EPS or styrofoam), and "E-Packs" filled with Entropy's patented PureTemp phase change materials. Each of these components are designed to be switched out when they've come to the end of their useful life. For example, if the outer shell gets cut into accidentally, it can be replaced with a new shell while the other components remain in place. An entire GREENBOX should never need to be replaced all at once.

GREENBOX is reusable more than 50 times, with many customers experiencing up to 100 times. Reusability saves customers money, but perhaps more importantly saves the environment from excess packaging waste.

Unlike other boxes that ship once and are then tossed into a landfill along with their harmful EPS (Extruded Polystyrene), GREENBOX is the only 100% environmentally friendly system designed for reuse. Even more remarkable, studies show that GREENBOX phase-change materials suffer no thermal degradation after more than 20,000 uses.

Community Benefit

For one customer, the following instructions are included in each GREENBOX shipped out: Step 1) Remove the Merchandise Return Label attached below Step 2) Remove your temperature sensitive product and replace panels Step 3) Close the flaps making sure the Velcro secures tightly Step 4) Provide your return address on the Merchandise Return Label Step 5) Affix the label squarely onto the top of the GREENBOX, covering up any previous delivery address and barcode without overlapping any adjacent side Step 6) Leave the box for FedEx to collect

Material Health

All GREENBOX components are 100% organic-based materials and our phase-change material is non-toxic and fully biodegradable. Many competitive shipping containers utilize Phase Change Materials that are toxic and made from petroleum which is not renewable.

Resource & Energy Optimization

All of the materials used to manufacture GREENBOX products are locally sourced from 100% renewable feedstock (soy, palm, coconut oils, etc.)

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