Greener Package Award

Hot N Handy Bio-Pouch


Hot N Handy Bio-Pouch is a flexible package designed for consumers, giving them value-added features like increased freshness and a resealable adhesive strip for easy storage of leftovers. The Bio-Pouch, made from renewable wood-pulp, is composable and will degrade "Back To Nature".

Bio-Pouch is one of the best sustainable soluction for fresh-prepared sandwiches in the market. The clarity of the pouch allows easy viewing for freshness while ensuring a more enjoyable consumer experience. Compared to rigid containers, the Bio-Pouch uses 92% less crude oil, reduces CO2 emissions by 56% and reduces packaging material waste, by weight,75%>

Judge's Comments
A great use for cellulose film and a game changer for compostable food packaging.

Good example of performing comparable functions with more sustainable materials.


Hot N Handy Bio-Pouch was developed to replace the Rigid Hinged Containers commonly used in the cold case at retail locations for fresh-prepared sandwiches. The film is manufactured from renewable wood-pulp (trees) and Certified to meet ASTM D6400 composting norms (suitable for both Industrial and Home composting situations). Since the film is made from wood-pulp it will naturally absorb moisture providing increased freshness and less soggy bread.


Renewable wood-pulp.

Clean Production

63% (329) reduction in trucks annually.

63% reduction (429,481 lbs) of CO2 truck emissions.

Effective Recovery

The consumer is informed of the benefits of the biodegradable/compostable features of the Bio-Pouch with a random 4-color repeat print indicating that the sandwich they have just purchased is packaged in a pouch which will degrade and go "Back to Nature" in less than 6 months if used in a home or industrial compost situation as ASTM D6400 certification requires.

Resource & Energy Optimization

In its manufacturing, the Bio-Pouch material uses 99.3% less natural gas and 92.5% less crude oil and releases 56.3% less CO2 emissions as compared to the rigid hinged container.

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