PAC Award Winner - Silver

GreenWhite™ Linerboard


GreenWhite™ is a new brand name for our 100% recycled white top liner board . GreenWhite™ meets virgin fiber white top specifications and is produced with recycled material using chlorine-free process. This eco-friendly packaging line is also approved by Health Canada for contact with food.

Motivation for Change

The motivation to make this change was driven primarily by our customers. By producing this 100% recycled white-top linerboard; Krupack Packaging (a business unit of Kruger Inc.) effectively becomes the only manufacturer of linerboard capable of offering its customers this high quality product.

Cost Effectiveness

GreenWhite™ is produced with 100% recycled fiber; this ensures that the product is both cost-effective to our customers and environmentally friendly.


The sourcing of our materials aligns itself with Kruger Inc.’s corporate mission to be an environmentally responsible organization. The strategic sourcing of our fiber at Krupack Packaging ensures that local suppliers are given preference to reduce the CO2 emissions associated with transportation.Kruger Inc. is currently receiving the Forest Stewardship Council (FCS) certification, while Krupack Packaging is being certified with the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) accreditation. Our corporate commitment to the environment has also led to the production of 46MW of clean energy per year; this reflects the consumption of roughly 24000 average sized households.

Clean Production

We are currently negotiating with BFI, one of the largest non-hazardous solid waste management companies in North America, to be able to add value to some of the rejects from our production line.

Effective Recovery

In order to secure our needs for high quality raw materials the primary supplier of linerboard to Krupack Packaging is Kruger Inc.’s recycling business unit. Kruger Recycling ensures a maximum supply of raw materials with three sorting and recovery centers in Montreal (Quebec, Canada), Sherbooke (Quebec, Canada) and Albany (New York, USA).

Community Benefit

A portion of Krupack’s raw materials are obtained directly from consumers during the curb-side collection of recycled materials from blue and green boxes across Quebec.

Material Health

After a comprehensive study of Krupack’s process and numerous tests performed by the Canadian Government, GreenWhite™ linerboard has been approved by Health Canada to be in contact with food. During the production of this linerboard, everything is re-usable and recyclable. For example, line rejects from the production line are re-pulped and re-used to produce a variety of other paper grades. Krupack Packaging explains to its customers that we like to see the white boxes produced using our linerboards returned to our recycling plant in Montreal. In 2008 alone, Krupack recycled 160,000 metric tons of paper.

Resource & Energy Optimization

In collaborating with Krupack’s customers, we were able to reduce the fiber required to produce GreenWhite™ linerboard by roughly 6%, as compared to conventional manufacturing techniques. Also, our strategic partnership with Ryder, a transportation distribution company, ensures minimal CO2 emissions by maximizing fleet/cubage utilization.

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