DuPont: Winner

Kraft Salad Dressings


This package was a redesign of a familiar food container for nearly 19 percent weight reduction, improved transport efficiency and energy conservation while retaining brand appeal.

Motivation for Change

The mouth has been built into the cap, eliminating the need for the plastic fitment, which was the number one consumer complaint.

Judge's Comments
This innovative, consumer-preferred bottle retains the appeal of this iconic and trusted Kraft brand, while significantly improving transport efficiency, energy consumption and consumer convenience, with no change in source materials.


The unique design has multiple consumer conveniences, including an easy-open flip-top cap and a bottle shape that is easier to hold, pour and store than the original package. The induction seal and reduced headspace enable the product to stay fresher. The neck label allows for ease of opening and eliminates the need for utensils to break open the paper band as on the old bottle.

Effective Recovery

PET bottles are recyclable in a substantial majority of communities.

Resource & Energy Optimization

A process refinement enables a 19 percent weight reduction, saving over three million pounds of plastic annually. This also reduced over 3500 corrugated totes, or 900,000 pounds of corrugate annually. The optimized bottle design increases shipping efficiencies by 18 percent by allowing a greater number of bottles shipped per truckload.

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