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FSC-certified GoGreen Labels


FSC-certified GoGreen Labels are the industries first blank and printed, pressure-sensitive label products to receive FSC-certification.In addition, they are produced in Taylor Label's unique 'Green Cycle Production Method' which means the labels are manufactured in a facility powered by 100% green energy; packaged in 100% recycled corrugate & corn-based wrap; and shipped carbon-free.They represent the industries most sustainable option for package labelling.

Motivation for Change

As stated on the FSC Canada website, FSC-certified products "ensure that the world's forests are managed in an environmentally responsible, socially acceptable and economically viable manner".

As a leader in the pressure-sensitive label industry, Taylor Label recognized that none of the available raw and or converted label products met FSC standards and was thus motivated to develop a line of materials that would bring the benefits of FSC-certification to the label and packaging industries.

The decision to begin developing this line of products was made in September 2006.

Cost Effectiveness

Market Performance at Market Cost- FSC-certified GoGreen Labels are designed to offer users a range of environmental benefits without sacrificing performance or increasing cost.

- All versions of the product are designed to perform just as well as the traditional labels with which they compete.

- The labels are designed to adhere to a variety of packaging materials including corrugate, glass, paper and plastic.

- The expected life cycle of these labels is also on par with traditional labels but they have the added benefit of being recyclable at end-of-life where-as traditional labels are not.

- Packaging of the product is minimized to reduce size and weight thus reducing freight costs.

- The labels are compatible with a wide range of printers, applicators and dispensers and thus work with customers existing labeling equipment.

- Waste, spoilage and cost are reduced, while productivity is enhanced due to a design that results in;

- flat labels for jam-free feeding, applicating and dispensing

- low-flow adhesive to ensure no "glue ooze", there-by minimizing equipment jams

- no excess paper fibre, there-by reducing down-time related to equipment cleaning

- A wide range of stock sizes are available for immediate delivery, thus reducing the need for customers to maintain large label inventories.


Performance & Optimization

- FSC-certified GoGreen Labels perform as well as traditional labels and do not require any trade-off in their implementation.

- Traditional labels can be a packaging contaminant in that they are not FSC-certified or recyclable and thus jeopardize the certification and recycling status of the packages to which they are adhered.

- FSC-certified GoGreen labels can enhance the performance of the packaging they are applied to in the sense that they; - Maintain the packages FSC-certification - Maintain the packages recycling status


Renewable Source Materials

- In accordance with Taylor Label's 'Green Cycle Production' method, all materials are chosen based on their environmental footprint.

- FSC-certified GoGreen Labels are produced using

- FSC-certified paper containing 10% post consumer waste

- Adhesive that is recyclable and environmentally-benign

- Packaging that is a combination of 100% recycled corrugate and corn-based wrap

Clean Production

Clean Production Technology

- As detailed above, FSC-certified GoGreen Labels are produced in Taylor Label's unique 'Green Cycle Production Method' which ensures the use of toxic materials is minimized in the manufacturing process.

- An initiative of the companies Environmental Committee begun in 2006 called 'Chemical Cut', examines all chemicals used in the facility with the aim of eliminating and or replacing toxic compounds.

- Taylor Label works with 'Canary Air Quality' to conduct week-long, semi-annual, indoor air-quality tests at Taylor Label's production facility. - This program began in 2008 and has lead to the installation of an air filtration system.

- Taylor Label is committed to the protection of the health, safety and well being of all employees. The company strives to promote a strong and sustainable culture of health and safety that will facilitate the awareness of risk and the prevention of injury and illness. To this end, Taylor Label; - Adheres to the "Environmental Management System" established by the North American Commission for Environmental Cooperation - Is in compliance with Ontario Ministry of Labour EHS requirements - Has developed and is in compliance with an internal Environmental Policy

Effective Recovery

Collection & Recovery

- The face-stock and adhesive of FSC-certified GoGreen Labels can be recycled in a standard recycling stream.

- No custom infrastructure is required - No retrieval is required as material can be recycled by customer

- The liner on which the labels are supplied, can only be recycled where specific facilities exist.

- Taylor Label is currently working with 'The Chanelled Resources Group' to develop a recycling program for waste liner as well as a system that would allow customers to return spent liner.

Community Benefit

Since 2006, Taylor Label has supported 'The Clean Air Foundation' - a not-for-profit organization "dedicated to developing, implementing and managing public engagement programs and other strategic approaches that lead to measurable emission reductions, to improve air quality and protect the climate." (

- The Clean Air Foundation runs a number of programs including: Car Heaven; Mow Down Pollution; Keep Cool; Switch Out; Chill Out; Fire Your Furnace; Cool Shops; and Go Solar.- In 2007, Taylor Label president Lloyd Taylor was named to the board of The Clean Air Foundation.

- An initiative of Taylor Labels' Environmental Committee begun in 2006 called 'GoodGreenNews' is a blog delivering news of the companies 'green' successes to the label industry and the greater community.

Material Health

Healthy Materials & End-of-Life Scenario

- FSC-certified GoGreen Labels are free from; - acid, lignin, and elemental chlorine.

- The labels are recyclable and "environmentally-benign" and do not pose any end-of-life issues.

- The materials in which the labels are packaged are recyclable and or biodegradable.

Resource & Energy Optimization

EnergyProduction Energy- 100% of the energy used to produce FSC-certified GoGreen Labels comes from renewable sources supplied by Bullfrog Power.- An initiative of the companies Environmental Committee begun in 2004 called 'Tune it Up' ensures all equipment is maintained to run at peak efficiency.

Lighting Energy- The lighting system in the facility in which GoGreen Labels are produced consumes 40% less energy than traditional lighting.

Delivery Energy- GoGreen Labels are shipped within the GTA using one of Taylor Labels' delivery vehicles which run on Canadian-grown, Canola-based, bio-diesel.- Deliveries outside of the GTA are shipped by courier. Weight and distance shipped are used to calculate carbon emissions related to transit. Carbon offset credits are purchased through to offset 100% of associated carbon emissions.

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