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In-the-Bag™ roasts program


In the Bag™ merchandising represents the best way to manage and merchandise the feature items that are so vital to a retailer’s business. Convenient carton-to-case merchandising is possible because tough Cryovac® vacuum bags and rollstock perform through distribution, ensuring products are intact and immediately ready for the display case. Because Cryovac flexible vacuum packaging materials are thinner, lighter and do not include a tray, customers have experienced a 80% reduction in packaging due to the changeover from a MAP tray/lid package to the In-the-Bag roasts program.

Motivation for Change

Processors and retailers look for cost-efficient packaging to meet their merchandising and performance needs as well as their desire to be a good environmental steward. We worked together with Walmart Canada to develop a cost-efficient, high performance package with less material. Flexible Cryovac® vacuum bags and rollstock are thin, lightweight and take up less space compared to a tray/lid package. Superior oxygen barrier and added strength in high performance bags and rollstock protect sensitive fresh products from spoiling or leaking throughout distribution and display.

Cost Effectiveness

Our In-the-Bag™ merchandising approach is the key to reducing shrink and keeping product in the case longer. Cryovac® vacuum bags or rollstock give retailers the time needed to turn value cuts, with oxygen barrier protection and virtually leak-proof strength that extends shelf life. Cryovac® vacuum packaging helps retailers reduce merchandising risk and increase revenue without adding costs. Retailers can keep their cases full with a mix of value cuts that are ready to merchandise as needed, rather than having to react to filling holes.


Bags: Multi-layer technology in the bag combines performance characteristics such as superior protection with an outstanding, ready-for-retail product presentation. Improved material formulation produces stronger, more reliable seals that can handle the rigors of distribution, with reduced leaker rates at the final destination. Superior oxygen-barrier protection maintains the integrity of the package and increases product shelf life. It also helps meat retain the fresh color, taste and texture consumers are always looking for. Excellent shrink minimizes purge during distribution and enhances appearance to retailers with better shrink balance, reduced ears, and fewer folds and wrinkles. High gloss and clarity offer a true retail-ready appearance that adds sales appeal to each package.

Rollstock: Cryovac® thermoform rollstock features improved gloss, clarity and memory. We continue to enhance this market leader with improved sealants and features such as pigmentation and enhanced printing capabilities. The forming webs are available with 10-color capabilities and in metallized webs. Non-Forming Webs offer a breadth of sealing types, excellent toughness, gloss and clarity, and can be surface printed with random or continuous print.


Cryovac® vacuum bags and rollstock are produced within Sealed Air manufacturing facilities. These facilities comply with strict requirements of Sealed Air’s Product Stewardship program that covers a wide range of regulatory, health and safety criteria for raw materials and production processes. In addition, Cryovac® vacuum bags and rollstock meet all applicable health and safety requirements for food applications.

Effective Recovery

Cryovac® vacuum bags and rollstock are technically capable of being recovered and recycled for subsequent use in manufacturing other products or in generating energy. However, due to limitations in post-consumer recovery infrastructure, there is no widespread means to collect, segregate and reprocess flexible packaging material after use.

Sealed Air is actively engaged in developing effective recovery means for preconsumer packaging materials that would otherwise become waste. We have demonstrated the ability to reclaim process waste and convert it into reprocessed plastic pellets that can be used to make other useful materials, ranging from protective packaging to plastic decking. As a result of these efforts, Sealed Air is able to recycle 71% of its plastic scrap and to demonstrate that almost 95% of the raw materials we purchase find their way into a useful product.

Community Benefit

Packaging solutions that reduce waste across the supply chain provide a valuable community benefit by minimizing the amount of municipal waste that must be managed. The switch to the new packaging format for In-the-Bag roasts provides two key community benefits. First, the lighter weight package design reduces the total amount of packaging discards that end up as municipal waste. Second, the high performance roast package provides added strength and extended shelf life throughout distribution and display, thereby reducing product spoilage or leaking packages, which would ultimately become municipal waste.

The In the Bag format also helps both developed and emerging markets grow economically. By utilizing high performance vacuum packaging systems for centralized processing of fresh meats, perishable food products can be safely and efficiently distributed across large distances to service consumers in a wide variety of diverse markets. By utilizing In the Bag merchandising, products are ready for sale without further need to repackage products and product display cases can be kept fully stocked at all times. This results in economic advantages to the retailer who realizes savings through reduced shrink and reduced food waste.

Resource & Energy Optimization

The changeover from a MAP tray/lid package to the In-the-Bag roasts program resulted in a 80% reduction in packaging. Flexible Cryovac® vacuum bags and rollstock are thin, lightweight and take up less space, which translates to more efficient shipping.

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