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CARGO PlantLove™


This new cosmetic design overcomes the technical challenge of using a single material for surface-to-surface functionality. Typically dissimilar materials would be used such as PET bottles with polypropylene closures which are more difficult to recycle. The new design enables easier recycling and has the added benefit of using a renewable polymer (PLA) as the material of construction. The carton also provides outstanding consumer education on responsible disposal.

Motivation for Change

CARGO is continuously striving to make beauty products better and smarter. CARGO wanted to create a line of high-performance, professional-grade make-up while still keeping the environment top-of-mind. Green cosmetics do not have to mean compromise; women can have optimally effective make-up and still be environmentally conscious at the same time.

Cost Effectiveness

The packaging cost for PlantLove™ goods is no greater than that of traditional non-eco-friendly packaging. An added benefit is that since PlantLove™ packaging is not petroleum-based, as are most cosmetics compacts, production is not affected by fluctuating oil prices. The eco-packaging offers a distinct added value as an increasing percentage of the population actively seeks greener products.


PlantLove™ packaging has undergone a series of performance tests, including durability and temperature testing, and performs just as well as traditional petroleum-based plastics.


PlantLove™ Lipstick and compact cases are made of Polylactic Acid (PLA), a renewable and compostable bio-plastic made entirely of corn. Corn is an abundant resource, renewing itself in only 100 days. It takes just one cob of corn to make 12 lipstick cases. In addition, the PLA used by CARGO is greenhouse-gas-neutral and does not contribute to global warming. Boxes are made from 100% post-consumer waste paperboard, and the mill supplying this paperboard manufactures under carbon-neutral conditions, using 100% renewable energy. All products are manufactured in countries with strict environmental and labor standards.

Clean Production

ECOCERT™ stipulations include that no pre-treatment is used in any of the raw materials; all suppliers must pass an extensive review before their raw materials are approved; and all manufacturing and packaging facilities undergo a rigorous inspection.

Products are only manufactured in countries with strict ecological and labour standards. The PLA used in the compacts is greenhouse gas neutral and the mill supplying the outer carton paperboard manufactures under carbon-neutral conditions, using 100% renewable energy.

Effective Recovery

Biodegradation time in a compost heap varies with temperature, moisture, and frequency of turning. In home compost heaps, there is, then no guaranteed time frame. In industrial compost, though, PLA has been shown to degrade in as few as 47 days.

Community Benefit

CARGO continues to give back to the community through PlantLove™. Two dollars from every sale of PlantLove™ Lipstick benefits St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.* Also in line with the brand's dedication to ethics and humanity, PlantLove™ cosmetics are manufactured only in countries with solid environmental and labor records.

PlantLove™'s collaboration with Hollywood celebrities has helped to raise awareness of the green movement. This collaboration has helped to educate a younger demographic through a new channel on the importance of going green.

Material Health

PlantLove™ packaging is made from the bio-polymer, PLA, and does not contain any additives. The packaging is 100% biodegradeable and safely and completely degrades in as few as 47 days (optimal conditions are industrial composts). PlantLove™ meets and exceeds the standards set out by ECOCERT™. ECOCERT™ is a global designation ensuring that all product, process and packaging meet the strictest standards for natural, organic and environmentally friendly products.

Resource & Energy Optimization

PlantLove™ packaging is made from Polylactic Acid (PLA), a polymer made entirely from corn, a renewable and abundant resource. What’s more, PLA production emits less greenhouse gas than traditional plastics. Boxes are made from 100% post-consumer waste paperboard, and the mill supplying this paperboard manufactures under carbon-neutral conditions, using 100% renewable energy.

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