PAC Award Winner-Gold

DS-10 Stretch Tape Machine


Best Packaging Systems newly designed and built DS-10 Stretch Tape wrapper when used in combination with 3M Canada's #8886 Systems length stretch tape, offers manufactures and growers the most economical and environmentally friendly method of stabilizing "A" and "B" pallets.

The reduction in material used to stabilize these loads will have a direct positive effect on the market place.

Motivation for Change

The volatile pricing and availability of stretch wrap as well as the high cost of disposal. Best Packaging Systems designed and built a machine (DS-10) to apply 3M Canada's stretch tape to an "A" load pallet. The cost savings in application and disposal was the motivation for this project. A 95% reduction in material was also good for the environment.

Cost Effectiveness

Cost reduction in waste generated from poor ventilation:

• Stretchable tape allows for a secure load while providing breathability required for fresh fruits and vegetables

• Single product use to displace multiple products required to achieve the same results (netting, corner boards, etc.)

• Provides ventilation• Provides stability

• Preserves carton integrity

• Minimizes disposal costs

• Reduces material costs


* The use of 3M Canada's stretch tape, combined with Best Packaging Systems DS-10 Wrapper will contain an "A" load equal to 80 ga. stretch wrap using 95% less material.

*The fresh fruit and vegetable market will benefit from the use of the stretch tape as it allows the pallet to breath. As it is not completely covered, it will also prevent condensation, weakening the corrugated boxes.


3M Company is ISO certified (9000, 90001, 14000 etc) as well as stringent procedures are in place for its suppliers and partners around the globe.

Clean Production

3M and its facilities are ISO14000 certified and the product meets the EU RoHS Directive 2002/95/EC.

Community Benefit

Stretchable tape concept was first utilized in fresh fruits and vegetable markets. Due to its multiple application potentials, we are now trying to market it for A-load and B-load applications. We are expanding the product usage to different segments to optimize the attributes of the products and the potential waste reduction that it yields.

Material Health

8886 uses solventless adhesive coating process. In addition, this product meets the EU RoHS Directive 2002/95/EC, heavy metals content as stated in Article 11 of European Directive 94/62/EC on packaging and packaging waste, and the laws based on CONEG model legislation.

Resource & Energy Optimization

The way the tape works is by stretching the tape increases the tensile strength to 40 pounds per inch at 650% stretch. When application tension is released, elastic memory contracts the tape enough to tighten the load but not crush the cartons. You have a secure load that can breathe.

When stretched during application, the tape looses adhesion properties for simple removal without delaminating labels and printing.

To save material cost and storage space, you use less tape than stretch film or netting to secure the same size load. At the receiving end, there’s also less waste for disposal.

• No more need for netting, roping or strapping. The unique properties of the patented 3M tape let you reduce up to 95% of the waste by volume versus stretch film or netting.

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