DuPont: Winning Breakthrough

Whole Foods Baked Goods in Sealed Air's Renew-A-Pak compostable bakeware from Biosphere Industries


"Renewable, compostable tray makes possible reinvention of retail baking practices and simplification of the supply chain with considerable waste reduction. This new 100 percent renewable content baking tray and total system thinking help change bakery processes for a more sustainable result. Previous bakery practice was to bake goods in disposable metal trays and transfer the goods to a second package for in store sales. Ultimately that package would be disposed of by the consumer as waste. Product now stays in the new dual-ovenable, microwavable trays all the way through to the consumer and are compostable at end of life, eliminating aluminum tray disposal, the need for a 2nd package or disposed of as waste at end of life. Recognized for enhanced performance, resource and energy optimization, and effective recovery."

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