Greener Package award: food & pharmaceutical packging category; and DuPont: Gold Winner - Excellence in Innovation, Cost/Waste Reduction and Sustainability

PlantBottle PET


In support of its zero waste strategy for packaging materials, Coca-Cola is using a PET resin sourced from up to 30 percent plant-based renewable material. The new PlantBottle packaging which has been launched in Denmark, the United States, Canada, Japan, and Brazil can be recycled with other PET bottles in the existing PET recycling infrastructure. It is the first plastic beverage bottle from renewable sources that can be recycled along with other PET bottles in the existing recycling infrastructure. The new bottle technology leverages the key environmental advantages of traditional PET, which include maintaining carbonation, resource efficiency and high recycling value, while reducing dependence on non-renewable resources.


Performance is exactly the same as petroleum-based PET.


PlantBottle PET uses monoethylene glycol (MEG) derived from plants rather than from petroleum and natural gas resources. This results in a 30% (by weight) renewable material content in our PlantBottle PET bottles. Because the MEG for PlantBottle PET comes from palnts, this unique resin has a material carbon footprint that is reduced by 20% over typical petro-based PET resin. But, this is only the first step towards our vision of a package that is 100% renewably sourced and 100% recyclable in commercial recycling facilities. We are already investing in research on how to make the other 70% of our PlantBottle PET from renewable resources.

Effective Recovery

During our research into renewably-sourced materials, a key requirement was that any resin based on renewable feedstocks had to be compatible with commercial recycling facilities to support our overall sustainable packaging goals. PlantBottle PET has been designed and tested to be recyclable in all aspects of current PET recycling facilities. PlantBottle is not biodegradable or compostable by design but is recyclable. Life cycle research has demonstrated that recovering the energy and raw material in a rigid plastic container for use again offers significantly greater economic and environmental value than losing these resources forever into compost.

Community Benefit

All of our packages carry the "recycle logo". In addition, PlantBottle PET bottles also inform the consumer that the bottle is recyclable with a unique PlantBottle logo prominently featured on all PlantBottles. We have also launched our "Give it Back" recycling campaign focused on advertising that encourages consumers to help be part of one of the largest recycling efforts in the world. This aligns with investments The Coca-Cola Company and our bottlers have made in material collection (Coca-Cola Recycling) and in recycling curbside bottles back into food grade PET flake with investment in the largest bottle grade processing facility in the world. This is one of six such investments we have made on a global basis.

Resource & Energy Optimization

Initial third-party research indicates that the carbon footprint of PlantBottle packaging is an improvement over traditional PET bottles.

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