DuPont: Silver Winner - Excellence in Innovation, Cost/Waste Reduction and Sustainability

Copa di Vino, Quart Vin by Resilux America LLC


New Single Serve Plastic Wine Glass/Bottle Opens Entirely New Markets: an entirely new packaging approach for wines that originated in glass in France is now possible in plastic. The concept is now finding favor with sophisticated wine makers who see new market opportunities for wine served in recreational and outdoor venues. Wine is bottled right into a single serve barrier plastic wine “glass” with a one year-shelf life. Because there is no bottle, 50 percent of packaging waste is avoided. The carbon footprint is reduced due to the 30 percent lighter weight of the plastic vs. glass. A significant technical challenge was overcome in the sealing of the lidding to the wine glass rim without impairing the wine. This innovation enables wine to participate in the ready to drink beverage category.

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