Greener Package award: secondary/large-format packaging



The ECO-PAIL(TM) is a revolutionary plastic pail design that incorporates a reduction in Non-Renewable Energy Used (NREU) by 31% and carbon emission by 30%, while providing enhanced performance over a traditional plastic pail. Eco-Pail (TM) is produced using 100% HDPE. The EDPM gasket, steel handle and tinplate fitting have all been eliminated from the package, while providing equal performance.


Eco-Pail (TM) incorporates a reduction in the sidewall thickness of the pail without any performance sacrifices. This is accomplished by the addition of minimal ribs within the container to provide stacking strength.


Use of 37% PCR.

Effective Recovery

- 100% HDPE container that can be completely recycled. - Reground pail material can be reused in manufacturing the finished pail.

Resource & Energy Optimization

- Reduction in total package weight by 8%, with no performance loss. - Elimination of all non-primary materials including rubber gasket, tinplated fitting and steel handle. - Reduction of Non-Renewable Energy Used (NREU) by 31% - Reduction of carbon emissions by 30%.

Categories: Greener Package Award Winner Rigid Polymer (Petroleum-based) General Packaging